WhatsApp Plus APK Latest version Free Download 2022 [52.3 MB]

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps that you can find out there. However, some people notice that features available on WhatsApp are limiting them. If you feel the same, you should go ahead and take a look at WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp, which offers a bunch of additional useful features. Continue to read and we will be sharing more details with you on what WhatsApp Plus is all about.  

WhatsApp Plus 

What is WhatsApp Plus?  

In simple terms, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp. A senior XDA member named Rafalete developed this modified version. At a glance, you will notice that there are some prominent differences in the user interface. As you deep dive, you will also notice that there are some added functionalities available in it. However, WhatsApp Plus is using the same protocol and license when compared to WhatsApp. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything as you continue to use WhatsApp Plus.  

How to Install WhatsApp Plus on your Android Phone? 

Before you proceed with installing WhatsApp Plus on your mobile device, you will need to take a backup of existing data. All the steps that you should follow for installation are quite easy. Therefore, you can proceed with WhatsApp Plus installation without any struggle at all. Let’s take a look at the steps that you should follow for WhatsApp Plus installation. 

  1. You should first open WhatsApp app that you already have on the device. Then you need to go to Settings. Settings can be accessed by tapping on the icon that you see on top right hand corner of WhatsApp. 
  2. Next, you need to go to Chats section. After that, you need to click on “Backup and Restore” option. 
  3. You can now select a Gmail account and then proceed with backing up WhatsApp. The time taken for backup would vary depending on the size of files and chats you have and the speed of your internet connection. 
  4. Once data backup is complete, you will need to download WhatsApp Plus. This will download the WhatsApp Plus APK file to your Android device.  
  5. You can keep WhatsApp as it is and proceed with installing WhatsApp Plus. Before installation, you will need to go to Settings and then enable “Install from Unknown Sources” under apps. Then you can continue to install WhatsApp Plus on the device without any issues. 
  6. Next, you can open WhatsApp Plus APK file and continue with installation steps.  
  7. Once you are done with installation, you can pick the right Gmail account and restore all the chats that you backed up. By doing this, you are good to go ahead and start using WhatsApp Plus on your device.  

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK 

WhatsApp Plus is quite popular due to the list of outstanding features that come along with it. Before you get hold of WhatsApp Plus, let’s take a look at what those features are. Then you can decide whether it is worth to get WhatsApp Plus installed on your device or not. 

  • Availability of themes  

Do you want to customize the look and feel of WhatsApp app on your mobile? Then you should start using WhatsApp Plus. One of the best things about WhatsApp Plus is that it provides you with access to more than 700 different themes. The collection of themes get updated regularly as well. As a result, you will surely be able to find something that matches with your preferences. 

No matter what, all themes that come to you along with WhatsApp Plus are visually appealing to your eyes. After selecting a theme, you can further customize the look and feel of it as well. For example, WhatsApp Plus allows you to personalize shapes and colors of each tab and each button accordingly. By taking the maximum out of this feature, you can have access to a unlimited number of themes. People who love to customize their apps have fallen in love with WhatsApp Plus because of this feature. 

  • Additional emojis  

When you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp, you tend to use emojis regularly. A great thing about WhatsApp Plus is that it provides you with a large number of additional emojis. These extra emojis can provide you with more options to use when you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp Plus.  

The additional emojis that you can find on WhatsApp Plus are cooler and better. You will also notice that WhatsApp Plus has borrowed some emojis from other instant messaging apps such as Google Hangouts. However, you need to make sure that the recipient should also have WhatsApp Plus installed to view these extra emojis. Otherwise, those emojis would disappear from the chat. 

  • Ability to hide status 

Ability to hide status is another prominent feature that comes with WhatsApp Plus. Imagine that you want to remain offline on the app. Then you just need to use this feature and keep you offline. Even though you can turn off “Last Seen” date and time on WhatsApp, you will be shown online when you open the app. This would lead you to frustrating situations. For example, when you are really busy with something, people would still message you as they see you online. If you don’t want that to happen, you just need to install WhatsApp Plus on your mobile.  

Even when you are online, you will be able to turn off “online” status on WhatsApp Plus. This is quite an impressive feature that comes to you with WhatsApp Plus. It provides complete privacy to you, along with peace of mind to get your work done.  

  • Advanced file sharing  

You can get hold of some advanced file sharing options with WhatsApp Plus. As you already know, file sharing on traditional WhatsApp is quite challenging. For example, you will not be able to send large files. However, you will be getting an increased file sharing limit with WhatsApp Plus. It is even possible to share a file that is big as 50MB at a time. On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus allows you to modify files that are in the range of 2MB to 50MB. You don’t see the ability to do any modifications to file on the regular version of WhatsApp at all. 

  • Automatic Replies  

Do you want to enable automatic replies on WhatsApp? Then you may think about using WhatsApp Plus as well. On WhatsApp Plus, you can find a feature, which allows you to schedule messages to multiple groups as well as people as you plan to. This feature is readily available on different applications such as Telegram. However, it is a long due feature for WhatsApp. Instead of waiting till WhatsApp releases this feature, you can get hold of WhatsApp Plus and access the feature. 

  • Logs and history  

You can log all your actions on WhatsApp with the help of WhatsApp Plus. On top of that, you will also be able to log all sorts of potential events. This can be helpful when you want to access logs at a later stage. This is not a feature supported by the official version of WhatsApp.  

  • Font styles and multiple fonts 

When it comes to the traditional version of WhatsApp, you will only find one font. What if you want to change the font? This is where WhatsApp Plus can help. It provides you with access to a large number of fonts. Along with that, you can also have access to different font styles. They all can make the app feel better and smoother to you.  

  • Other useful features 

So far we discussed the most prominent features of WhatsApp Plus. Apart from these, there are few other great features that make WhatsApp Plus extremely useful. For example, you can get a dedicated chat cleaner out of it. It will help you to clean your chats in a breeze. On the other hand, a large number of wallpapers would be available to you as well. You can also hide your recording status from others while using this feature.  

Will WhatsApp Plus be Available for iOS? 

As of now, WhatsApp Plus is only available for Android devices. However, it is not available for Android as of now. We are not yet sure on when WhatsApp Plus would be officially available for iOS devices as well. If we have any news on that, we will make the news and app available to you, so that you can get the most out of WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad.  

How to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp plus APK? 

Switching from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus APK is quite an easy thing to do. It is not a technical process, and you can do it on your own. There is no need for you to uninstall WhatsApp to get the job done. Instead, you will need to take a backup of existing WhatsApp data as we showed, install WhatsApp Plus from WhatsApp Plus APK, and then restore the backup. Then you can even uninstall WhatsApp traditional version from your mobile, so that you will keep only one version of it.  

Benefits of using WhatsApp plus 

It is a good idea to think about getting hold of WhatsApp Plus. Let’s take a look at the reasons on why you should go ahead with the decision to get WhatsApp Plus. 

  • WhatsApp Plus provides you with a large number of themes and customization options, which are not available with the original version of WhatsApp. 
  • It provides you with a large number of emotions and emojis to showcase your expressions. 
  • By using WhatsApp Plus, you can easily send larger files. In other words, you can send files up to 50MB with it. 
  • WhatsApp Plus will not show the last seen status of you. You can remain completely offline when you are using WhatsApp Plus. 
  • It is possible for you to chance pop-up notifications, chat images, and even the color of launcher without a struggle when using WhatsApp Plus.  

The downside of WhatsApp plus APK 

Even though WhatsApp Plus comes with some prominent benefits, there are some drawbacks associated with it as well. Let’s quickly take a look at them. 

  • Unlike WhatsApp original version, WhatsApp Plus is not available to you on Google Play Store. However, you can download WhatsApp Plus APK from a third-party website and offload the app on your Android device. 
  • When you are sending the additional emojis added by WhatsApp Plus, the recipient should also have WhatsApp Plus to see them. 
  • You should be careful to download WhatsApp Plus APK from a trusted source.  

Is WhatsApp plus APK legal? 

WhatsApp Plus is a safe application available to use. We are living in a world where people tend to pay special attention towards their privacy. Therefore, you might wonder whether WhatsApp Plus is legal to use or not.  

There is no need to worry about the legitimacy of this app. You can continue to use it while keeping peace of mind. However, you should be careful to download WhatsApp Plus from a safe source, so that you will not run into any problem.  

WhatsApp plus FAQs 

Is WhatsApp Plus secure?  

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is a secure app available to use. Even though it is not available on Google Play Store, you don’t need to keep any second thoughts in mind about using WhatsApp Plus. It is developed from a reputed team and delivers maximum security. 

Will WhatsApp Plus spy on my chats? 

No, WhatsApp Plus will never spy on your chats. It provides end to end encryptions for all chats, and you can make sure that no other person can access your chats. Permission for your camera, microphone, and gallery are obtained not to spy on your chats. 

 Is it possible for me to hide my online status on WhatsApp Plus? 

Yes, it is possible for you to hide your online status on WhatsApp Plus. Even when you are online, no other person can see it.