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Whatsapp plus is a third party app that is used to increase the features of whatsapp. It provides a lot of features such as being able to send gifs, stickers, and also provide an increased size limit for media files.

This app also has some disadvantages in comparison to the original whatsapp application. One disadvantage is that it does not have the same encryption as whatsapp which could be problematic if you are using it for work purposes.

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app that has over 1.5 billion monthly active users. In the past, Whatsapp was only available for iOS and Android devices, but now it is also available for Windows Phone.

Whatsapp Plus is an unofficial version of Whatsapp that’s been around for a number of years and has grown in popularity due to its many features.

WhatsApp Plus has all the basic features that you’d expect from a messaging app like sending text messages, voice messages and video messages, but it also offers some more advanced features such as screen sharing and live location tracking.