Best Free Password Managers You Can Find In 2022

Every person living in this world uses at least one password. If you are not using any passwords, then I have a question. Where do you live?

Phone, email, laptop, online banking, social media, medical portal, work, student, and many other platforms require passwords. But many people don’t try to remember the passwords as they have used to get the help of password chains and browser-based autofill features. Though it makes life easier, the danger behind the scenes can destroy everything. If you can’t remember the passwords with special characters and alphanumeric, then password manager software is for you. 

A password manager can help you in creating strong and unique passwords and keep a track of all the passwords. It is an intelligent way to secure your online life. 

Let’s check out the best free password managers that you can select. 



Dashlane is one of the best password managers in the world. More than 14 million users are using this password manager. 

Dashlane is packed with lots of handy features. The free version also contains personalized security alerts and a password generator. Dashlane has a clean, easy-to-navigate, and logical interface. Even a first-time user can work with the password management system of Dashlane. It works with several operating systems including Chroma, Edge, and Firefox. 

Dashlane is a secured platform that offers two-factor authentication (2FA) compatible with common authenticator apps and U2F security keys. The user needs to use a master password to enter access the service. Dashlane does not know that password. It has no capability to store the password. Dashlane has been designed with the technology that does not allow reading stored information by anyone except you. 

A free tiered option of Dashlane is suitable for individual users. It enables storing of 50 passwords on a single device. If you are finding a flexible basic password manager option, then the free tier available in Dashlane is ideal for you. Paid plans are also available in Dashlane. It is suitable for businesses and personal users. Dashlane Premium costs $6.49 per month. It offers unlimited passwords and devices, 1 GB of encrypted file storage, Dark web monitoring, and a built-in VPN. The Dashlane Family plan covers six separate Premium plans. It comes with unlimited devices and passwords, VPN for Wi-Fi protection, and a password changer for $8.99 per month. If you have a business requirement, then Dashlane Team is suitable for you. It costs $5 per month. 


If you are searching for a straightforward free password manager, then LastPass is one of the best options. It also contains some premium tiers. LastPass is a well-secured and easy-to-use password manager. AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes are used to store data. 

LastPass contains lots of features that make it a sophisticated system. The free plan allows sharing of passwords with one another user. The security dashboard analyzes password vault for old, duplicate passwords, and monitors the dark web for leaked accounts. The password generator in LastPass brings lots of different methods to create secure passwords. It can be accessed from the main dashboard or the browser extension. 

The paid plans of LastPass offer a 30-day free trial. So a user can decide whether to proceed with the package or not. You can use LastPass on iPhones, Android phones, Android tablets, smartwatches, and iPad. If you are accessing LastPass from the computers, then you can use Mac, Windows, Windows tablets, and Linux.

Avira Password Manager Free

Avira Password Manager Free is completely free software that uses tens or hundreds of passwords and several devices. It is a secure platform created by embedding simplicity. 

Avira Password Manager comes with lots of handy features. You need to create a “Master password” to decrypt stored passwords and data. The software does not store any master passwords on the server for security reasons. You won’t find an emergency contact feature or one-time account recovery password after losing the master password. You can use fingerprint or facial recognition app lock options for mobile to recover password data. 

Avira Password Manager has missed two-factor authentication (2FA). It offers SMS 2FA when logging onto the main Avira account. It is not the Avira Password Manager itself. Avira utilizes a highly-secure encrypted cloud storage server to store all user’s passwords. 

Avira has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It contains a clear list of all stored passwords. So you can easily navigate. You can add a password manually, auto-saving, and by importing passwords. Avira contains a feature called Notes. You can add notes and attachments like documents and photos. It offers 1 GB of file storage. So you can store sensitive documents like passport backups, bank statements, and legal documentation.


RoboForm is one of the best ways to save your passwords. It is one of the best form fillers that allows the filling of most advanced web forms accurately. 

RoboForm allows unlimited password storage. It comes with bookmark storage, emergency access, and password auditing. 

RoboForm contains 3 different plans that include a free version, a premium individual plan, and a family plan. Those are available for Mac, Android, Ios system, and Windows. 

Sticky Password

sticky password

Sticky Password free version is one of the best password managers. It offers unlimited password storage on unlimited devices. Sticky password is compatible with popular browsers as well as specialized ones like Seamonkey and Pale Moon. 

The free plan of Sticky Password contains biometric logins. So you can use a face scan or fingerprint to access the password vault on any device. But Sticky Password manager does not allow sharing of passwords. 


PassCamp is an easy-to-use password manager having a free tier. Also the free version PassCamp allows you to store 25 passwords. 

You can easily set up PassCamp easily. First, type your email. Then you will receive a link to verify the address. After completing the verification step, you need to create the master password. But you can’t store the master password in the PassCamp. 

The user-friendly interface makes PassCamp a suitable software for beginners. 

To Sum Up

Password managers are becoming an essential tool as the world is stepping towards an era that requires a password for everything. It is not software that is used only for storing passwords in a vault and access using a master password. Password Managers come with lots of other handy features. You will find ample free password managers. They have their own pros and cons. Free password managers have the ability to generate random and complex passwords. You can make your lives easier by selecting the best free password manager for your devices.

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