Here Are The Biggest Announcements Of Computex 2022

Computex 2022 was the biggest announcement this year. It took place online-only last year and in 2020 it was canceled. So no matter in considering Computex 2022 as the biggest announcement this year. 

Just like the previous Computex experiences, this year also ended up with a ferry of the latest technologies from Tech Giants. 

Let’s check out the top highlights from the Mega event that was held from 24th to 27th May 2022. 

Microsoft Shows the way Windows 11 fits into our lives

Windows 11

Microsoft made Computex 2022 a golden opportunity to show that Windows 11 can fit into people’s lives. Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer for Windows and Devices at Microsoft, and Nicole Dezen, VP of Device Partner Sales discussed Windows 11 in a video. They took some important points by revealing statical data to the table. 

Panay says that Windows 11 got the best quality marks as the customer-satisfying operating system. It surpasses all the ratings in the latter regard to any Operating System that Microsoft created since the beginning. He also talked about the new model of hybrid working. The hybrid working was developed to meet the needs due to the people working on the OS doing it in a hybrid manner. 

Panay has described the target of creating Windows 11 suitable for users ranging from the average level to the enterprise level. PCs that have Win 11 OS now begin to evolve with the new hybrid model. It comes with additional attributes to better move with a different style of functioning. The device is powered with beefier speakers, mics, and better screens for video meetings and chats. 

Asus 500 Hz Gaming Monitor

One of the biggest news came from Computex 2022 is the Asus ROG Swift 500Hz gaming monitor. It is regarded as the fastest display on the market. It is a product of two companies that launched the ROG Swift 360Hz which was the previous world’s fastest gaming monitor in 2020.

Asus Rog Swift 5000Hz is introduced as the lowest latency and highest refresh rate G-sync esports ever created. It comes with a 1080p resolution and 24-inch screen with a brand new TN panel. 

No detail about the pricing or releasing date of the Asus 500Hz Gaming monitor was announced during Computex 22. It is quite sure that, pricing won’t be cheap due to the availability of lots of sophisticated features. 

Asus 500 Hz Gaming monitor display is ideal for people who exclusively play fierce esports titles. The market is lacking solutions for a display with a high refresh rate and resolution. So Asus 500 H Gaming Monitor will invade the market just after launching. 

Corsair Voyager

Corsair introduced its first-ever gaming laptop during Computex 2022 in AMD’s keynote. It is a big surprise for game lovers. 

Corsair is one of the reputed brands in PC gaming. But it had gained a reputation for manufacturing components and peripherals rather than systems. During the past few years, Corsair One compact gaming PCs gained popularity in the market. But with the new era in the history of Corsair, they are manufacturing laptops. 

Corsair’s gaming laptop is thin, powerful, and packed with several sophisticated features. Corsair Voyager a 1600 AMD advantage Edition features Ryzen 6000 mobile CPUs combined with Radeon RX 6800M graphics and bags of RAM and storage. 

A new liquid-cooled GPU from Nvidia

You may wonder why our article does not contain any news about new gaming GPUs from Nvidia. Actually, they didn’t announce any new gaming GPUs during Computex. They are releasing a liquid-cooled version of A100 and H100 GPUs for data centers during the latter part of this year. It is an effort to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. 

It is exciting to see liquid cooling as an option in mainstream server racks. 

The second QD-OLED Monitor

Computex become the best opportunity to get a taste of the future of gaming displays. It ranges from next-gen panel technology to unheard-of refresh speeds. 

MSI which is a well-known company announced a 34-inch QD-OLED Monitor during the Computex 2022. The first company to market a QD-OLED monitor was Alienware. But still, MSI is not so far behind. 

The QD-OLED monitor introduced by MSI comes with a 175Hz refresh rate. It will mark the trend toward the vibrant display tech in gaming monitors in the future. The screen is featured quantum-dot OLED technology. 

MSI has not still released the specifications of the monitor. But it will offer an outstanding user experience due to the brightness and depth of the color palette. It is predicted that the monitor will have a 1800R curvature and 175Hz refresh rate topped off with several desirable gaming features like a smart crosshair. 

AMD Ryzen 7000

amd ryzon 7000

AMD announced Ryzen 7000 CPUs at Computex 2022. It is built on the new Zen 4 Architecture and comes with more than a 15% improvement in single-thread performance. According to AMD, the Ryzen 7000 processor is 31% faster than the best intel processors in certain applications. 

AMD didn’t share specs during the Computex 2022. But the company says that Ryzen 7000 CPUs utilize a chiplet design that houses two Zen 4 chiplets that have up to eight Zen 4 cores. The flagship chip comes with 16 cores which is the same as Ryzen 9 5950X. AMD CEO Lisa Su said that Ryzen 7000 will be skilled with clock speeds “significantly” more than 5GHz. 

The new chips have integrated graphics for the first time. But according to Ryzen 7000 graphics are not built for gaming. There are only a few details about the AMD Ryzen 7000. But AMD says we will learn much more in the coming years. 

To sum up

Computex is the biggest computing conference of the year. It was held in Taipei, Taiwan from 23rd May to 27th May 2022. AMD and Nvidia hosted keynote presentations on the first day. Several other manufacturers like Acer, Asus, and Gigabyte also announced new products throughout the week. Computex 2022 paved the way for tech lovers to get the taste of upcoming trends.

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