Snapchat Introduces New ‘Shared Stories’ Feature For Convenient Memory Sharing

Snapchat is frequently updating with new features that make snap chatters more engaged with the platform. All the newly added features let the users be more engaged with the platform. The ‘shared stories’ feature was designed very recently to make it easier to collaborate and share memories.

Snapchat Introduces New ‘Shared Stories’ Feature

The users post stories to keep their friends updated on new happenings. There were only two types of stories before rolling out of the ‘Shared story feature’. Private Stories and Custom stories were those two. A private story was visible to only the people selected by the user. It appears with a padlock icon. The customer story feature was added in 2017. It allowed snapchatters to add friends who could contribute to a Snapchat story. Shared stories come as a new iteration of custom stories. 

The company announced several new features after Snap’s Partner Summit. The Director Mode which is a newly added feature for Snapchat provides convenient access to Snapchat’s native creative tools for publishing a video on the platform. It also includes Snapchat’s short-form video option called Spotlight. The new initiatives have focused on utilizing AR technology to help with online shopping. They have also introduced a new in-app destination within Snapchat called ‘’Dress Up’’. It features AR fashion and virtual try-on experiences. “Pixy” is the new mini drone revealed by Snap. 

Snap posted in a blog post, “Today, we’re introducing Shared Stories, a new way for Snapchatters to build a community around the content they love to snap. With this next generation Story, we’re hoping to help Snapchatters turn shared moments into shared memories.”

The shared story s a beneficial addition to Snapchat. It leads to new sharing behaviors among people by adding more and more people. The New shared story feature enables longer streaks of stories’ contributions. It also gathers more attraction among teenagers and youngsters. 

What is a shared story?

The Shared stories feature is a reconditioning of the already available “Custom Stories” feature. You and your friends can create shared stories together. You need to pick up friends to view and share the story. Your friends can invite their friends and like that those friends also can invite their friends who are not your friends. 

You can see the people who viewed the shared story in the shared profile. You can hold on to the story and tap ‘View Profile’ to see who else is part of the story. 

How to create a shared story on Snapchat?

Tap on the new story option available in the profile. You need to select the ‘shared story’ option. Similar to the other stories, snaps sent to shared stories are also automatically deleted after 24 hours. You won’t find a chat component for shared stories. You will get a notification when there is a joined shared story with someone you have blocked. So app allows you to remain in control with whom who share the content. 

Roles of a shared story


The owner is the creator of the shared story. If you are the owner, then you can edit the name of the story, add, remove or ban/unban members. You can add or remove any snaps in shared stories too. You can appoint up to 5 moderators for a shared story. 


The shared story owner can appoint moderators. They also can remove or ban/unban members. Moderators have the chance to remove any snaps. 


The members of a shared story can add members and add or remove their shared stories. 

Are the Shared stories feature safe to use?

Just like all other products, Snapchat has made shared stories feature concerning safety and legality.

Shared stories are also automatically deleted after 24 hours. There is no chat component.

Shared stories are powered by a combination of language detection. So the snapchatters can play an active role in keeping snaps in shared stories fun and safe. 

Once a user joined a shared story with a person who was blocked, then the user can leave the shared story. So the user always has complete control over the shared story. 

How to watch a friend’s story?

Your friends may post funny and engaging stories that you should not miss. The names will appear at the top of the stories screen. So tap the tile with your friend’s name. After watching one’s story, you will get a preview of your next friend’s story. 

While watching a story, you can go for the next snap in a story by tapping the screen. You will be directed to the previous story by tapping the left side of the screen. It is easy to send a reply to a story. You need to swipe up on the snap and type what you want and send it. The chat component available for regular stories and groups is missed in shared stories. When you want to exit a story, swipe down.

Many users want to show an interesting snap to their friends just after seeing them. You can easily send the snap you are watching to a friend by tapping the arrow button. 

How to save a shared story?

Some stories on Snapchat are really attractive and funny which makes us sad when they disappear. You can save stories to your memories and camera roll. Just tap on your profile icon at the top of the screen. Then tap on the story’s name, so it will expand. You can view the snap. Press the icon at the bottom to save the snap. 

Remember that, when you save someone else’s Snapchat story, the owner will be notified by the screenshot icon in the read receipts. 

To Sum Up

Snapchat is a multimedia chat that is frequently updated. The newly introduced shared story feature allows users to make the group bigger and easier to collaborate. It is ideal for teams like groups of co-workers, football teams, and any other squad to make fun together. Although Snapchat grew in past years, the growth is comparatively low compared to the expected level because of the overall crisis. Shared stories on Snapchat are a golden opportunity for brands. It facilitates community engagement by facilitating influencer collaborations. 

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